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Sarva-Vishadi Oil

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Product Description

SharvaVishadi translates to remedy from all poison. It is a solution relied on for centuries to treat rashes, sun burn/irritation, pimples, infections, general skin irritation, insect bites, and skin irritations from poisonous plants. It also helps with sore throats and nasal congestion, as well as soothes symptoms from mumps.

Essence of Moringa[ Moringa oleifera] - contains Beta Catatin, Vitamine C, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous. It has been used as an anti-poison remedy as well.
Ankenda: An ancient indigenous medicine used to treat blisters.
Husk of Sapu [Magnolia champaca]: Used to treat snake bites in ancient times
Hathavariya Roots: [Aspragas Recemosus Willd]
Used for muscle strains, muscle pains, joint pains, and helps to reduce acidity in blood, and cleanses blood. It is also a remedy for heart problems and relieves urinary blockages.

Other ingedients:
Cinnamon These husks are mixed and stirred with coconut milk, gingerly oil, mee oil (Oil of Madhuca longifolia), neem oil, and ghee.

Direction of use: apply to irritated area. For colds, rub on chest.

Suitable for adults, and children ten years and older.

28 ml